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August 31, 2014

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August 31, 2014




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August 31, 2014

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August 31, 2014



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August 31, 2014

NASA recently released imagery showing the deforestation of America  …in just 34 years.


NASA recently released imagery showing the deforestation of America  …in just 34 years.

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August 31, 2014

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August 31, 2014


Smash Bros. Legacy

How about we post this with the source http://www.plasticbrickautomaton.com/

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August 31, 2014
I will never understand the amount of hate Anita Sarkeesian generates?



She literally just presents evidence of deeply entrenched misogyny within a medium, in a systematic, calm, logical, and articulate way. 

But she’s called a “bully” for pointing out how misogyny. She’s called misogynistic slurs just for having well spoken opinions with lots of ~buzzwords~ People claim she wants to bring down the gaming industry with no real evidence that those are her views. People act victimized by her opinions. Why? 

Is the gaming community that insecure? I’ve seen dozens upon dozens of essays singing to the tune of “Video games saved my life! How dare she!” Except in her videos she says “It’s ok to find some parts enjoyable or meaningful while being critical of others”. She is not attacking you for finding escape in games, nor is she trying to “ruin” your escape or “destroy” it. 

People levy that she “hated video games” before she started her webseries… even though that doesn’t mean anything. You don’t have to be a fan of something to critique it, which these people are against as well. 

But if she were just talking about movies, no one would bat an eye. Movies or other forms of media, for some reason, don’t generate the same amount of protective fan loyalty. They don’t evoke as much passion in people, to the point of turning to abuse to protect it. I find that interesting and frankly disturbing, as the gaming community frequently touts how accepting and counter-cultural it is. I don’t buy that for a second.

The fact of the matter is that Anita is uncomfortable for gamers, because she points out the truth. Not even your escape gets a pass on being problematic. And if your escape so casually showcases problematic elements that you gloss over, what does that say about what you find relaxing and safe? The exploitation and degradation of a class of human beings? Ok.

We can be as cold and factual as you want, we’ll still get harassed and abused. How we say it never matters, because they don’t want us to say it at all. 

I guess you don’t really catch more flies with honey. 


You mean her cherry-picked, taken-out-of-context video game scenes?

You want to know why people hate Anita?

  •  She raised $160,000 for a web series, which can be done(and people do) for fucking free. And in the 2 years since she raised that money, she’s managed to put out a whopping six videos that are literally almost no different from her previous videos(the background color is now blue and it’s slightly more animated. That is literally the only difference.). One might argue that she needed to money to buy video games but… oh.. wait 
  • She’s been proven to steal Let’s Play footage(and art) from other Youtubers without their permission. Now, if she claims that she plays video games and has more than enough money to buy them, why would she use stolen footage from other people? Probably because she doesn’t play the damn games because all she needs is a cherry-picked, 15 second scene that she can twist until it turns into “misogyny”. 
  • The fact that she doesn’t like video games actually means a lot. It shows that she is a LIAR. In nearly all her videos she goes on to say how much she enjoys video games and how she played video games from a young age. All of that is bull-fucking-shit. Why would she involve herself in a median that doesn’t interest her? She doesn’t like video games, she doesn’t play video games, so why make her web series involving video games. Because she PROFITS from it. Because people eat it all up and she makes $$$. The fact that she doesn’t allow any opposing opinions(disable comments, disable ratings, blocking people who disagree with her) or criticism(without calling it “hate”) also tells a lot about her character.  
  • Like I mentioned before, she cherry-picks scenes from video games OUT OF CONTEXT. She does this A LOT but I’m gonna use her most recent videos. 
  1. She shows a clip from Sleeping Dogs, where the player grabs a women, hits her head against his car and shoves her in the trunk. The women was an NPC. She wasn’t part of a mission, the player was never forced to do that, and hurting civilians is DISCOURAGED in this game. On top of that, you can literally do the same thing to any other NPC, regardless of gender.
  2. In Fallout: New Vegas, she shows the player talking to a female prostitute, who is propositioning sex while omitting the fact that the male prostitutes are dressed just as provocatively, and act the exact same way towards the player. Then she shows another clip, saying that "players are often omitted to knock out, pick up, carry, and throw around inert female bodies". YOU CAN LITERALLY DO THIS WITH ANY NPC, regardless of gender. 
  3. Anita proceeds to show a scene from Dishonored, where the player kills a innocent women without mentioning that the player didn’t have to kill that women, and that the game discourages killing random civilians, regardless of gender.
  4. Oh, and what do you know, she does the SAME SHIT in the next scene, from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, where, fucking again, KILLING NPC’S REGARDLESS OF GENDER IS ALMOST ALWAYS DISCOURAGED. 
  5. Ready for my favorite one? Anita says that players are encouraged to exploit situations[where you can beat/kill/maim women] while showing a scene from Hitman: Absolution, where the player kills two women. She says "the player cannot help but treat these female bodies as things…" and that the player is suppose to get a "perverse pleasure". The funny part is that she is DEAD WRONG because in that game, you are not just discouraged but PENALIZED if you kill random civilians, once again, regardless of gender! Just because a game ALLOWS you to do certain things, does not mean that it ENCOURAGES you to do certain things.

I could literally go one and go through all her videos and point out to you everything she has taken out of context. I can write essays upon essays, that is how often she does it. The way she takes things out of context, I think, is why people dislike her the most. Anyone can put a spin on an argument, stretch it out, and add enough buzzwords to make their point seem valid. I can even do that. I can go ahead and say that video games are sexist towards men because men are only seen as tools and servants because the majority of npc’s in games that are killed or tortured are men and that a man’s only objective in video games is to save someone, before they are disposed of. And the millions of ways a male character could die shows just how easily disposal they are. See? It’s that easy. Hell, maybe I can make a video series about it and con people out of their money, just like Anita! 

I will agree that in certain games, sexism is prevalent. And the death threats(the real ones*) she receives is unacceptable. But Anita takes non-sexist games and blows them up as much as she can, takes away as much context as she can and slaps a “misogyny” label on it. Hell, even if a game has strong supporting or starring female characters, she will STILL find a problem with it (See: calling female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect a “man with boobs” because the female version is the exact same as the male[????? Isn’t that what she wanted? Equality?]), It’s becoming ridiculous. 

*(Oh, and also, she recently tried to send fake death/rape threats to herself, furthering her victim status.)

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August 31, 2014

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August 31, 2014

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